Leadership, soft, and even technical skills are often not well represented on a 1-pager


I recently applied for a fellowship. In preparation, I completed a questionnaire that was thorough and thought-provoking. In answering the questions, I honestly evaluated my technical, leadership, business, and communication acumen. This was an excellent exercise in preparation for interviewing, and I highly suggest it to all who value reflective practices. I am also posting it as an article because I realized how poorly my resume represents my skills and the value I add to my workplace. …

As beginning Python developers and data scientists, we are introduced to the bevy of libraries that support our work like Numpy, SciPy, Pandas, and SciKit-Learn. These libraries and their packages allow us to fast-track our learning and workflow in parallel. They remove barriers to entry into the technology industry and improve productivity for the beginner and experienced engineer.

However, these out-of-the-box solutions can be challenging to adapt and apply to individual business problems, especially. …

What I Learned When It All Went Wrong Mid-project

A Little About Computer Science and Data Science

Know Your Strengths

Computer Science is the study of how software languages operate and how computers interact with coding languages. At the same time, Data Scientists rely on coding languages to parse through vasts amounts of data, use algorithms to detect patterns within the data, and predict future outcomes.

master_art | Computer Science Word Cloud

Data Scientists are Analysts, Data Engineers, and Scientists who work closely with stakeholders to understand critical aspects of business decisions, using data to benchmark goals and drive growth. To be successful as a Data Scientist, you must be flexible, creative, adaptive, have a growth mindset…

Human Rights First (HRF) is a nonpartisan, international human rights advocacy organization based in New York, Washington, and Los Angeles. It has worked for almost 40 years with activists and attorneys to support and protect these rights through American leadership pathways. HRF has a ten-part plan entitled Walking the Talk: 2021 Blueprints for a Human Rights-Centered U.S, Foreign Policy, which provides blueprints for policymakers to uphold HRF’s recommendations.

In the continued pursuit to answer the question “Why are teachers changing schools frequently or leaving the classroom altogether?”, the Tennessee Educator Survey data is examined for evidence of one of the environmental microsystems defined in the previous statistical analysis.

The findings of the statistical analysis show that teachers across the state of Tennessee are closely divided in their feelings about their work environment. Those who feel positively barely outnumber those who feel negatively on any given metric.

Data Source: Tennessee Educator Survey, 2015–2019

While sitting in an International Finance class, a student hears the professor state, “When you have an issue you believe may be systemic, analyze it on a local level before you take a look at the national or global level.” Essentially the professor provides students with a valuable lesson in sampling population statistics to gain information about a whole population.

School districts across the nation report a shortage of teachers at every level, especially in maths and sciences. The question is, why?

Let us find out what educators in one state are saying about their working environment. This may help…

Jeannine Proctor

Data Scientist. Academic Data Analyst. Instructional Designer. Curriculum Developer. Educator.

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